A Free Fundraising Thermometer Will Help You Raise A Lot Of Money

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Published: 01st December 2010
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A fundraiser thermometer is an easy and fun tool to assist you to make progress with your fundraiser goals. By having a graphic representation of whatever you hope to accomplish, you'll be pushed to realize and will reach that goal very quickly!

Most of us have seen them. Alongside the road in a community trying to save up to fund the annual 4th of July fireworks show. Or at a high school showing how close the football team is to getting new uniforms. Some people create them to measure an individual goal. How much more until I have enough money to pay for my senior trip? ... To buy Grandma's Christmas present? ... For my annual donation to the charity I care about?

Why do they work? Think back to when you were a child. You'd see something at the store you really wanted. Maybe it was a fancy new outfit, or as an older child, maybe you decided you wanted a car. When you asked your folks to buy it, they possibly told you to save your money. They realized that by pushing you to save your money, you'd work hard and put away all the money you could.

The motivation we learned when we were young also underlies a fundraising thermometer. The picture, with a goal at one end and metered steps along the way, helps keep us on course to achieve our goal. When we see that picture, we want to see it colored-in. We want to complete it and achieve what we've put our mind to. And the incremental progress pushes us to create more incremental progress - and by and by we meet our goal.

This urge to meet our goals increases as we make that progress. The closer we get to the goal, the more we want to achieve it.

It's actually pretty simple to make one. It's a fairly easy arts and crafts project that will require some very low-level drawing skills. With a large poster paper (or that nice paper butchers use), you draw a rectangular shape with one of the small ends rounded off. The other small end is a large bulb. The rectangular part at the center just gets numerous equally spaced hash marks to delineate progress on the way to your goal. Now that you have the basic template, you simply use a colored marker (red is best) to color in your progress as you bring in money. If you reach your goal, the whole thermometer will be red (and maybe spurting out the top if you've raised more cash than you planned).

Many people are afraid of drawing their own, so they can purchase one available at a store. Some companies are offering pre-drawn posters as well as white board-style fundraising thermometers that can be used again and again. Whatever one you use - your own drawing or one from the store - you'll be on your way to raising money!

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